Saint James welcomes all people, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. While you’re here, we hope to grow together in our knowledge and experience of God’s love for us.

In our teaching and preaching, you’ll hear certain emphases. While not a member of any denomination, Saint James is a confessional Lutheran church, which means we teach about God’s love with the same emphases as the Lutheran Confessions.

So when you come to Saint James, you can expect to hear:

(tl;dr: God loves everyone, forgives the broken, and gives new life)

We live in a broken world, and we’ve all contributed to that brokenness. We’ve hurt others and defied God, but instead of punishing us or forcing us to make our way to him, God came to us as the man, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ (“Christ” = person chosen for a specific purpose).

Jesus showed us God’s love by his words and actions, always putting others first and welcoming those whom society had rejected. This unconditional love and acceptance angered the religious elite, so they crucified Jesus. But God knew this would happen and used it to bring us forgiveness, the just willingly sacrificing himself for the unjust (all of us). But because Jesus is God, death could not defeat him. He rose to new life and promises us the same resurrection at the end of the world.

God still comes to us in personal ways. Through Holy Baptism, he washes away sinful corruption and adopts us into his family. Through Holy Communion, he gives us his body and blood through bread and wine, reassuring us that we’re still paid for, forgiven, and loved by God. Through the Bible, a unique collection of documents written by many people (shepherds, kings, fishermen, and tradesmen) during a 1500 year period, God communicates his love and forgiveness to us today. And God shows his love through us, both receiving it and experiencing the joy of living sacrificially for others.

The promise of eternal life and God’s presence with us now frees us to live without fear or hatred, following God’s call to experience joy, peace, and love by spiritual growth and helping those God has brought into each of our lives.

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