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Around here, you will sometimes hear people saying, "That's the Saint James way," referring to the values that permeate everything we do and are.

What is the Saint James way?

Everyone describes it a little differently, but the common threads running through every description include:

  • Active compassion for all in need
  • Welcoming all people, no matter your past or present actions or circumstances
  • Commitment to spiritual growth
  • A passion for knowing and showing the unconditional love of God

If any of that resonates with you, we'd love to meet you. See below for many options to explore a faith journey with us, or attend a weekend service.

Change the World with Us


We’re not satisfied with our broken world, and we believe that, even though we’re each a contributing factor to the brokenness of the world, we can make a difference together.

Come make a difference with us.

Make Friends and Grow Together

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We were made for connection, and social media helps, but it can't compare with gathering in the real world. We offer social media options to check in and stay in touch when you're on the go, and lots of real world gathering options. What will help you be more than you already are?

Find one that works for you:

Help Your Family

Family silhouette shadows 2 What does your family look like? We’re guessing you’re unique. We have all kinds of families and provide options for yours to connect and grow with ours.

Which of these will help yours?

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