Leviticus – The LORD Speaks to Us Today
November 18, 2018

Leviticus – The LORD Speaks to Us Today

Passage: Leviticus
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The voluntary offerings may be burnt offerings or grain offerings or peace offerings. The grain offerings may be raw or cooked. Cooking may be done in your oven or on a griddle or in a frying pan. Either way the cooking is done at home before you bring your grain offering to the sanctuary. When you are cooking your grain offering at home, you shall not use any yeast or honey, but you must use salt. Together with the salt, you are also to use olive oil and frankincense. What does the LORD want to teach His people about the connection between their kitchens at home and the altar in the sanctuary? If a portion of your grain offering will be food for the priests, why not invite the priests to come to your home for a meal? Why does God declare your grain offering to be “most holy”? Your comments and questions are encouraged. All are welcome.


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