It’s one thing to be rescued “in the nick of time,” but it’s something else entirely when it’s too late. How do we find assurance when it’s already too late?…

Finding the Child

January 6, 2019
The Magi looked for salvation and had to travel and search to find Jesus. How do we find Him today? To see the Evening SonRise Contemporary Service, click here.

Days of Past Future

December 23, 2018
In the future is one from long past. The great comes from the small. The warrior is an infant. The weak is the strongest of all. Through these paradoxes, life…

Where Do We Find Security?

December 2, 2018
We live in a scary world. With disasters, crime, and war all around us, how can we know security? Today, we begin the new church year and the first in…

How to See God Accurately

August 26, 2018
God is the infinite Creator, and our minds are His creation so how can we know God with all our limitations? Pastor Critchley preached at the Monday Evening SonRise Contemporary…
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