Knowing Jesus

January 19, 2020
When life is difficult, it’s hard to recognize Jesus being active among us, but John gives us clues how to find Him.
Our culture tells us not to be judgmental. Different parts of the Bible sometimes tell us to judge and sometimes not to. And Jesus promises He will come to judge.…

The Secret of Contentment

November 28, 2019
THANKSGIVING: This can be a tough holiday when life doesn’t live up to expectations. So does that mean we just focus on whatever crumbs of blessings we have, or is…

Reading the Signs

November 17, 2019
When Jesus talks about the end times, it sounds scary. Should we be afraid? What should we look for? How do we prepare?

A Reason for Singing

November 3, 2019
We have been given the ultimate victory, but life doesn't always seem victorious. How do we find victory in challenging times?