The Secret of Contentment

November 28, 2019
THANKSGIVING: This can be a tough holiday when life doesn’t live up to expectations. So does that mean we just focus on whatever crumbs of blessings we have, or is…

Christ the Rejected King

November 24, 2019
Today is Christ the King Sunday. It is normally filled with songs of majesty as we reflect on Jesus’ return to earth at the end of time. He will come…

Reading the Signs

November 17, 2019
When Jesus talks about the end times, it sounds scary. Should we be afraid? What should we look for? How do we prepare?

A Reason for Singing

November 3, 2019
We have been given the ultimate victory, but life doesn't always seem victorious. How do we find victory in challenging times?

In His Grip

October 20, 2019
Sometimes prayer can be a time of real struggle. It can be a struggle to get the words out. It can be a struggle to even pray. It can be…

Taking the Long View

October 6, 2019
Responding to requests is not always easy to do, especially if one’s resources are limited. We understand this of ourselves and of our fellow human beings. But with God it…