As Christian stewards, we are blessed to be a blessing!

Let us know what your skills and talents are.

Please fill out this survey, and turn it in today.

If you have done a task before, please check “Have Done.” That just lets us know your background. If you are ready to do it now, check “Will Do.” If you are interested, but not sure, check “Might Try.” Please mark no more than 5-10 tasks that you are willing to do or might try. Mark those that best suit your interests, experience, and talents. Thank you.


Teach Sunday School:

Substitute Teach:

Teach Vacation Bible School:

Assist a VBS Teacher:

Help Teach Confirmation Class:

Staff the Library:

Lead Singing for Sunday School:

Be an Educational Resource for Sunday School:

Serve on the Education Committee:

Perform with Puppet Theater:



Facilitate a small group:

Do Outreach & Canvassing:

Design Mass Mailing Invitations:

Distribute Materials – Flyers:

Staff the Visitor Welcome Center:

Make Telephone Calls to New Residents in Area:

Do Special Projects & Events:

Be a Prayer Partner:

Visit Prospective New Members:

Serve on the Evangelism Committee:



Count Offerings:

Help Maintain the Time & Talents Database:

Work on Photo Directory:

Maintain Military Prayer Board:

Serve on the Stewardship Committee:



1. Music

a. Sing in Senior Choir:

b. Direct Children’s Choir:

c. Join Handbell Choir:

d. Play Organ:

e. Play Piano:

f. Tune Pianos:

g. Play Instrument ():

Usher at Services:

Join the Altar Guild:

Provide Sign Language for Hearing Impaired at Services:

Serve on the Worship Committee:

Make Sanctuary Banners:



Lead A3 (All Ages Activities):

Staff Nursery for 8:00 Service:

Staff Nursery during Sunday Bible Classes:

Staff Nursery for 10:30 Service:

Staff Nursery for Other Church Activities

Gather Contact info for College Students:

Gather Contact info for Military Personnel:

Serve on the Youth Committee:


Treehouse Youth Outreach

Drive Teens to and from Saint James:

Assist at Support Groups:

Assist at Activity Nights:

Meet one-to-one with teens:

Provide occasional evening meal:


Gather Historical Items:

File and Catalog Historical Items:

Prepare Displays:

Write about the History of Saint James:


Building Maintenance – Interior

Repair Audio-Visual Equipment:

Operate the boiler:

Do Carpentry Work:

Do Qualified Electrical Repair:

Do Qualified Plumbing:


Do Troubleshooting and Handyman Repairs:

Maintain Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment:



Serve Food at Funerals:

Usher at Funerals:


Grounds Maintenance

Do Landscaping:

Rake the Lawn (Fall Clean up):

Mow the Lawn:

Do Gardening (especially in Spring):

Take Care of Shrubbery:

Shovel or Remove Snow:

Serve as a Trustee:



Troubleshoot Computer Problems:

Do Computer Programming:

Prepare Mailings:

Do Short Term Projects:

Maintain the Church Web Site:


Public Relations

Write Articles for the Parish Newsletter:

Prepare Press Releases:

Do Artwork:

Make Posters:

Prepare News Items for Radio and TV:

Do Photography:

Design P. R. Brochures:

Design and Change Bulletin Boards:

Take Pictures for Parish Newsletter:


Social Ministry

Join the Care Corps:

Visit People who are Homebound, Elderly, or Lonely:

Provide Transportation:


Television and DVD Ministry

Run Sound Board during Services:

Operate Cameras and Projectors During Services:

Duplicate DVD’s & CD’s for Distribution:

Prepare DVD’s & CD’s for Mailing:

Prepare PowerPoint Slides for Services:

What are you good at doing, and what do you like to do that is not listed above?

What is your occupation and professional work experience?

(Please only click once and wait for the spinning arrows to finish. This form sends a lot of information, so it takes a couple minutes to complete.)