You want to help, but it’s too complicated. If only people in the community could work together to help each other help those in need.

Delivered Hope LogoThat’s Delivered Hope.

Delivered Hope is a community partnership to support those in need by making it easy to help them. Have something to donate, but don’t have an easy way to deliver it where it’s needed? Can you transport donations and drop them off where they’re needed? Delivered Hope connects donations to delivery.

Currently, this takes the form of distribution of bags through local neighborhoods, asking for food pantry donations and other items (School supplies, winter outerwear, socks…depending on the needs of various local charities). We then gather those donations and deliver them to the selected charity.

In the future, we plan to partner with local businesses to create drop-off points around the community and eventually create an Uber-like website and app to connect donors to drivers.

While Saint James Lutheran Church piloted and sponsors Delivered Hope, it is a community initiative, not dependent on beliefs or affiliation. We’d be happy to help other churches, organizations, or individuals run additional collections, and we welcome the entire community to get involved in our distributions.

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