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Are you feeling passed over? Or even past over? When your circumstances are terrible, and worse is coming, how does God address those circumstances?

A Fearless Gospel

April 5, 2020
This year’s Palm Sunday Service is a hybrid of the worship liturgy of the 2019 Palm Sunday and the Bible readings, sermon and prayer for 2020. May this service be…


April 1, 2020
Being right and being in good company don't always go together. Do you ever feel completely alone, whether because you're doing the right thing, or because your circumstances scare others…

Speaking Life into Death

March 29, 2020
Do you ever feel expired? When it seems your life is over, what does God say to you?
Our mid-week Lenten sermon series this year is In Harm’s Way. Today we consider the brief story of the martyrdom of James the son of Zebedee. James is the first…

Defining Sight

March 22, 2020
Jesus helps His disciples, and us, understand what it means to have sight. Not just the sight to see one’s surroundings, but the kind of sight that the Holy Spirit…

Golden Calf

March 18, 2020
In today’s lesson, Israel puts itself in harm’s way. The people blatantly disregard the first commandment—you shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3). God’s anger burns against His…

The Samaritan woman comes to the well at noon. She is not expecting to see anyone there. Jesus is waiting for her. He asks for a drink of water. She…


March 11, 2020
What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? When God is the irresistible force, you redefine "immovable." What impassable obstacles do you face in your life? Can God…

Into the Light

March 8, 2020
The Gospel in a nutshell, John 3:16, is a useful verse to have memorized. It can be a quick answer for the question, “Does God care?” In the context of…

Our mid-week Lenten sermon series this year is In Harm’s Way.  Today we ponder the familiar story of David and Goliath. We know how this story ends, but at the…

Testing the Word of God

March 1, 2020
We face a lot of temptation in life: Satan’s lies that keep us from experiencing God's love to the fullest. How does Jesus' temptation help us when tempted?
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