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Knowing Jesus

January 19, 2020
When life is difficult, it’s hard to recognize Jesus being active among us, but John gives us clues how to find Him.

Fire After Burnout

January 13, 2020
When you’ve given all you have and have nothing left, how can the candle be lit?

The End of Christmas Cheer?

December 29, 2019
Christmas Day has come and gone. The presents are opened. Most of the cookies are eaten. The outdoor lights are still on, but not for much longer. All we have…
Merry Christmas and welcome to Saint James. December can be a really busy time of year. There are Christmas parties and programs to attend. There is the extra busy job…
The shepherds got to see the newborn Savior and had reason to praise God and tell everyone.   We didn’t get to witness that.  Do we have reason to do the…

Christmas Is a Triple Miracle

December 24, 2019
Christmas is a miracle. The only begotten Son of God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. The…

Where did Jesus come from?

December 22, 2019
Every time we recite the Apostles Creed, we say He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. The story is so familiar to us that…

There Was a Time…

December 15, 2019
Only ten more days until Christmas! We are so glad you are here with us on this third Sunday in Advent. Christmas is coming and we’re here today to get…

Our culture tells us not to be judgmental. Different parts of the Bible sometimes tell us to judge and sometimes not to. And Jesus promises He will come to judge.…

Our King Comes to Us

December 1, 2019

The Secret of Contentment

November 28, 2019
THANKSGIVING: This can be a tough holiday when life doesn’t live up to expectations. So does that mean we just focus on whatever crumbs of blessings we have, or is…

Christ the Rejected King

November 24, 2019
Today is Christ the King Sunday. It is normally filled with songs of majesty as we reflect on Jesus’ return to earth at the end of time. He will come…
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