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Gamble on Generosity

September 22, 2019
Life is full of risks. How do we know which risk to take?

Each One Counts

September 15, 2019
Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He tells a parable about a flock of one hundred sheep. When one of those sheep wanders away and gets lost – and that is…

Tough Choices

September 8, 2019
It’s Fall Y’all. No it’s not September 20 or 21...but it might as well be. The school year has begun. The meetings and programs that have been in hiatus during…

How to Strengthen the Heart

September 1, 2019
Jesus showed us what strength of heart entails. How do we attain that kind of strength?


August 27, 2019
There is a trinitarian shape to the second half of chapter two: What the Gentiles were, what they are now, and what that means for our life together. This mystery…

The Last Will Be First

August 25, 2019
Jesus set His face to go up to Jerusalem. As He passed through the towns and villages along the way, He taught them many things. He would be sentenced to…

Prince of Peace?

August 18, 2019
And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, (Is. 9:6b). This memorable Bible verse that we hear every Christmas, speaks to the hope that…


August 13, 2019
There is a trinitarian shape to the second half of chapter two. How do the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit cooperate to bring both Jews and Gentiles into…

Live Loved

August 11, 2019
Live Loved was the theme of our Vacation Bible School week. During the week we recalled different stories in the Bible of God extending His love to people, (some of…

Beware of Greed

August 4, 2019
Greed is dangerous – we could even say deadly. Jesus warns us about greed because He loves us and He does not want us to become addicted. Greed is an…
The NIV and the ESV are both good English translations. The ESV says we were by nature “children of wrath” and the NIV says we were by nature “objects of…

Negotiating with God

July 28, 2019
Can we negotiate with God? Should we? When we want something from God, can we convince Him to give it to us? To see the Monday Evening SonRise service, click…
Last summer we discussed the history of the church in Ephesus recorded in Acts chapters 18-20. Then we studied Ephesians chapter 1. By way of introduction to chapter 2, John…

Both Deeds and Creeds

July 21, 2019
Are you like Martha? Do you like to feed your guests? Does Jesus want you to feel guilty about that? Or are you more like Martha’s sister Mary? Do you…

Security Blanket

July 14, 2019
Am I Enough? Are my thoughts and opinions enough? Does what I do matter? Does what I think matter? Am I enough? Some theologians and people who study human behavior…
Jesus fulfilled the Law of God by His death on a cross. So then how do we respond, and what motivates that response? To see the Monday Evening SonRise service,…


June 30, 2019
It’s the week of the 4th of July. A popular word in times of national celebration is freedom. We love the word. It could be argued that it is an…

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